From Hong-Kong to Prague

Tracy and Stephen love Prague and its magical atmosphere around. This beautiful historic town with many red roofs and worth visiting buildings means something really special for them. If you have ever visited this capital city of Czech Republic, you got to know what I am talking about. So after an engagement shoot in London, they decided to get married right here, in the heart of Europe!


What is an elopement?

The true definition of an elopement is when a couple runs off secretly to get married. Some people will “elope” and have their mom, dad, brothers and sisters with them and some couples simply use their photographer or videographer as the witness for the marriage register and have literally no one else there. Most elopements have a focus not on the ceremony (which is sometimes only a few minutes long) but on a beautifully creative portrait session after the fact where the couple and the photographer create amazing images in amazing locations.

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