The veiled bride!

Forpix recommends! It is a beautiful wedding tradition, when the groom sees the bride in her wedding dress for the first time when she is walking through the aisle. He has no idea what dress she chose, what haircut she has, what flower… It adds much to anticipation and the often stunning reactions are worth it!

They met in Saudi Arabia

Although Tereza comes from Czech republic and Tony from Ireland, their lives crossed a bit further down the path. They both work in healthcare and their story started completely innocently. They looked at each other during lunch breaks for so long, that Tony built up the courage and after half a year approached Tereza. They found out they have a lot in common and were even born on the same day! And so, their love story began.

Message by Tereza

Great, amazing, brilliant, magic, lovelly, breath taking….I dont have more words to express how much I appreciate your work! We had to seen it three times even as we came home from the airport after midnight! I thank you very much and hopefully we will see you in the future on some other occasion ?❤️ LOVE IT

surprise for bridesmaids