How they met

Since 2009, Ilja is writing a successful blog for russian community and gives advice to his readers with their first steps during studies in Czech republic. Helps with living arrangements, insurance and similar issues. Because Darja was interested in studying in Prague and was an avid reader of Ilja’s blog, she decided to use his services. When they met for the first time on the subway platform Dejvická to exchange important documents, they both knew it was not their last meeting.

Wonderful first dance

Meticulously rehearsed wedding’s first dance is increasing in popularity. Darja with Ilja took several dancing lessons under the care of professional dancing instructors and i must say, It has been a long time since i saw a performance this grand. They danced on Chasing the Sun by The Wanted and received thunderous applause. Several moments from the dance can also be seen in the video.

A message from Darja

Hi Lubos,
you made me so happy today! Thank you very much, the video is amazing! It really brings me the whole atmosphere of the day, it is funny and simply beautiful. We are so excited!