The Story of two Backpackers

Personally, I know nobody who has traveled as much as these two! Although Kach comes from Philippines and John from United Kingdom, their paths met in 2013 in Laos. It was a period of their lives, when both recently left their mundane jobs in their home countries and went to travel the world. From teaching english to hostel cleaning, they have tried an enormous amount of jobs and together traveled to over 70 countries and all 7 continents of the world. One day, they have had a great idea… they would share their experiences online!

lovestory of two travel bloggers

Do they have the Dream job?

John and Kach (also known as TwoMonkeys Travel) successfully write their own online blog and many consider their work description to be the dream job. Travel bloggers often visit the most luxurious destinations, exclusive hotels, restaurants, attractions…. mostly for free, in exchange for a good word on their blog or Instagram. I have accompanied them on one of these trips and I have brought back a video.

How Jonathan reacted:

Hi Lubos! I wanted to say a huge thanks for the amazing wedding video, its absolutely incredible! We really enjoyed meeting both of you and having you there at the wedding with us. There will be plenty more sharing of the video as well as the articles when they are written too. Thanks again to both you and Matthew and hopefully we’ll see you in Prague!

reaction by a groom for wedding
the first destination wedding

Our dream came true

We all have a dream, and I (Luboš) have quite a lot of them in my personal life. I am convinced that if you truly follow your dream, one day it will come true. One of my dreams was to film a wedding in England. We often worked in english speaking weddings and had a great time doing it, but never before had a client bought us flight tickets and told us: “Come, fly here!”. It was an amazing experience and we are very glad that we received this opportunity.

Video breaking records

Because the travel blog of Kach and Jonathan is in top 5 most read in the world, we had an incredible opportunity to broadcast our video. Once we released our video into the world, we could not believe, how quickly it gained popularity! Over 250.000 views in just a couple of days!

wedding video breakes records views